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  • Country facts

      • The home of yodelling, lederhosen, the Sound of Music and apple strudel.
      • Crystal clear lakes, spectacular mountainscapes and historic cities.
      • Activities to suit every pace of life – from walking to paragliding.
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    • Flight time

      approximately 1½-2 hours to Salzburg and Innsbruck

  • So what's it like?

    The hills are alive with... well, a lot of things really. Austria’s mountains are teeming with the sights and sounds of nature in action – the familiar tinkle of cowbells and moos from grazing cattle, Alpine flowers smelling and looking fantastic, bees busily buzzing as they go about their work and glacial streams meandering down to cascading waterfalls - before feeding crystal clear lakes.

    Down in the towns the hive of activity continues. Austria’s Alpine villages aren’t just tourist destinations - these are villages where the locals live year round. Hotels are family-run - built up and handed down over many generations. There’s a real community feeling and a sense of national identity. In short - traditional cultures are well and truly alive. Some people may consider it a bit twee or old fashioned, when really this is what sets Austria aside.

    Austrian’s love a party - street markets and festivals close down the roads while ompah ompah bands and folk dancers take over town squares. The men dress in Lederhosen and women in Dirndls and local beers and wine help lubricate the festivities.

    And then there’s all the other fun stuff you can get up to. Austria is a natural playground for adventure, excitement and exploration.

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